Training of Horses and Riders

In recent years, the training of young show jumpers has become increasingly important at the Luther Stables.


Riders not only from Schleswig-Holstein but also from all around the world come to Wittmoldt for intensive training visits in order to benefit from the knowledge of experienced show jumpers Peter and Thieß Luther.

Thieß Luther is a renowned trainer for promising show jumpers and has led training sessions for almost 25 years for the Schleswig-Holstein State Association, among others. He successfully trained his own children and has been regularly traveling for over ten years to Finland and Mexico, for example, in order to personally mentor his protégées with their training.

  • Training of Junior and Youth riders for the Schleswig-Holstein State Association
  • Training of Seniors, whether from Germany or abroad
  • Conducting of external training courses on-site
  • Intensive training lasting over a period of several months, including tournament participation, for ambitious tournament riders from Germany or abroad.

Ani Luther

  • Training of show jumpers, levels E through M.
  • The supervision of children at tournaments can be arranged

Peter Luther readily provides the team with his help and advice whenever needed and would gladly impart training courses in Germany or abroad, as well as on-site, to show jumpers interested in his international experience.